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Firefox OS

Who are we?

What Mozilla did…

About Internet Explorer 6 info

What Mozilla did…

Browser Logos

Ongoing work…

Mozilla is more than Firefox

A new challenge

Mobile phone users in a public square Photo by Alexander Rentsch

A lot is at stake

A raised hand in Tahrir square with a smartphone Photo by USAID

Broken promises

Smartphone equals HTML5

Business realities

Apps Photo by Michael Gil

Hardware lockout

Very obvious road block Photo by Doug Geisler

Enter Firefox OS

A Firefox OS device


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Web API work

All the hardware in a mobile with info to the corresponding Web API spec and implementation status

A phone for the rest of the world

A giant crowd Photo by James Cridland

A phone for the rest of developers

A laptop with different developer stickers on it Photo by okfn

Accessibility in Firefox OS

Mozilla Accessibility logo
  • The same familiar standards and practices used on the web today
  • Based on the Firefox accessibility engine
  • Overlaps with our Firefox for Android solution
    • Similar features and new surprises!


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Red panda (Firefox)
Photo by Yortw